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LinkedIn Tips
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Unless we know each other personally, please do not send me an invitation to join your LinkedIn network as a direct connection. However, please feel free to contact me.





These tips have not been fully updated since July 2007, and are no longer actively maintained for complete accuracy to match the current functionality of the LinkedIn site. However, the general advice given is still relevant.


When these tips were first written, there was very little information about how to get started with LinkedIn on the LinkedIn site or anywhere on the Internet. Now there is plenty of information available elsewhere which can be found here.



Getting Started


The tips below are written for anyone who would like start building their network of contacts using LinkedIn. I suggest that each tip be followed in sequential order.Note that all of the tips below assume that you have created a LinkedIn account and are logged in. By no means is this tips list a complete list of everything that you can do to take full advantage of the LinkedIn site, but I think it can provide you with a good start.






There may be ethical and legal ramifications if you send a LinkedIn invitation to someone without their desire and consent to receive an email from you.


Tip List


  1. Register your business and personal email addresses.
  2. Take the tour.
  3. Fill in your full and nickname.
  4. Fill in your profile.
  5. Join any applicable groups.
  6. Browse connections for people you know.
  7. Find contacts related to your most recent employer.
  8. Add more contacts using LinkedInís toolbar for Outlook.
  9. Add contacts for whom you know their email addresses.
  10. Add contacts for whom you do not know their email addresses.
  11. Learn more about LinkedIn.


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